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full menu for special orders

Below you will find my current full list of options available for special orders. Some items may only be seasonally available based on availability of ingredients. Before filling out the form below, please be sure to read through the guidelines.
I look forward to baking for you soon!

contact me about a special order

Is there something you see on the full menu that you want to order? Tell me what you'd like and I will do my best to fill your special order!
Because Zoftig is such a small operation I ask that you consider these few guidelines when putting together your special order request:

  • When ordering cookies, unless the item is on the current week's-

pre-order menu please order at least a dozen of any one cookie

or a whole pan of bars. A pan of bars serves 16-24.

  • Special order coffee cakes are only available as whole 10" cakes. Each cake serves 10-12.

  • Please choose a date at least one week out. If you need something
    before then I may still be able to work something out but I'll need
    you to be more flexible with the menu.

  • Some items may only be available if the necessary ingredients

(i.e. seasonal fruits) are able to be found locally.
Please don't hesitate to ask for whatever you have in mind and
I'll get back to you soon!

- Jess

Thanks for your interest! I'll get back to you shortly.




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